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How to choose the Wedding Dress of your dreams.

We know there are so many things to think about when planning your wedding. Our aim is to help a little with some top tips gleaned from our experience that will hopefully ensure finding your wedding dress is a great, fun experience

Theme – Is there a feel, theme you are planning for your special day? If so you want to ensure your dress fits with this. So, would you want a huge sparkly ball gown if your aim was to have a chilled out wedding in flip-flops on the beach? Unless any theme is very specific you will find great wedding shops will work with you to incorporate any key theme ideas you have.  Customisation is something that is very common for couture dresses.

Weather – Most brides will be buzzing with adrenaline on their big day and not feel cold – trust us on this.  If you are in a hot destination think about materials of your dress and have a day to evening option, there are many gorgeous tops and jackets to give you that transition. Natural fibres will work better in hot climates and ensure no unsightly marks.

Location  – Once you have secured your venues think about how much walking you will do. Excellent shops will work with you to ensure hems allow you to walk with ease and bussel any long trains to ensure trips to the loo are stress free.

Price Range – Will for many be a factor in which dress you choose. Be realistic in what you want to spend and do your homework before you go shopping choosing the designers you want to look at. All wedding dresses are NOT made equal. There is inherent value in excellent design, materials, customer service and flexibility and only you know how much value you put on those things.

What Do YOU Want? – This is YOUR day so whilst opinions of others is important and helpful this is ultimately your choice so don’t be afraid to speak up on what you love or hate. Choosing your wedding dress can be an emotional experience so being clear on how you feel in the dresses you try on is key. Your gut feel is often telling you something. More common now is having multiple looks for in a day to evening change which can easily be achieved with great styling and accessories.

How Do You Want To Feel? – Often linked to themes, can you articulate how you want to feel on your wedding day? It goes without saying you want to look beautiful but alongside that do you want to be like a princess, sassy and cool, elegant etc. Try writing a list of all those words that might describe how you want to feel.

The Dress Teddington have over ten years experience in working with brides to ensure every brides experience in choosing their dress is a key memory in the making. Why don’t you book an appointment to come see how we can help you ensure you find the wedding dress of your dreams.


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