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Flowers of your dreams : What to think about

Taking inspiration from the wonderful Chelsea Flower show this week & of course Pippa Middleton’s wedding at the weekend we thought we would give you some thoughts on what to think about when choosing your wedding flowers & of course some of our gorgeous favourites

Theme/Tone of wedding

Have you got a theme that you would like to have flowers in keeping with or just a ‘feel’ that you want to go with for the day? Remember you probably want consistency so whether that is a colour or type of flower think about flowers as one part of the bigger picture of you wedding


We strongly believe that with most things in life there is value associated with cost and this will be a very individual view on how much you want to spend on your flowers and where you think this is best used. If having a church wedding can you reuse those flowers for reception/gifts for key guests on the day? What do you really need for the impact you are looking for?


Will sometimes have a bearing on what a bride wants but hey given the flexibility of most amazing florists most sourcing is possible if you ask nicely. Tulips is spring obviously much more in abundance but speak to your florist about what you really want


Gone are the days when flowers are just used as bridal bouquet. There are so many ways you can use them to absolutely shape your day in the venue, bridal squad, gifts and not forgetting the beautiful options to wear flowers in your hair ( Just ensure you are working with those that are not likely to wilt during a hot day but trust your florist)


Sometimes overlooked and a personal view but at The Dress we love a scent in so many of the beautiful flowers available – just think of all those flower Jo Malone scented candles available & maybe take inspiration from your favourite.


Whether it is a beautiful arch way for your ceremony or something a little more specific like our favourite giraffe seen on Kings road for this years Chelsea flower show there are so many options  nothing will be beyond the talent of many florists just take a look at the wonderful Leigh Chappell & Paula Rooney for great examples we love

Why not share this with a bride to be as a very simple pause for thought when in planning mode. We look forward to talking flowers with you as part of the overall desire to create a key memory in the making where The Dress is here to ensure you also find The Dress of your dreams in a friendly relaxed environment ( with great flowers too – just look at the window )

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