All About The Veil

A little advice, on how to master the veil

Veils have been around nearly as long as the institute of marriage. Once a Greek method of protecting the bride from evil spirits and a Medieval symbol of chastity; the veil has recently seen a unprecedented revival. Veils come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colours and cuts. They do not have to be massive and sit around you like a hat we’re looking at you Diana nor do they have to be 72 foot long The Duchess of Cambridge. Veils can be a clever way to cover your shoulders in a traditional church wedding if you wish to wear a strapless dress, or great way to further accessorise your outfit. Do not be alarmed by all of these decisions and ideas we are here at The Dress to help you choose the perfect veil for your big day.

Our tips for choosing the right veil:

  • Make sure you already have your dress, the veil is there to compliment the dress and not clash with it! For example: if you’re wearing a full lace gown, you could consider a veil with lace edging. If you’re wearing a dress which has everything sparkles, lace and tulle then perhaps opt for a simple veil, something single tier and elegant.
  • Try them all! You don’t have to make the decision instantly, try the ‘floral one’, the ‘sparkly one’ or the ‘two tier one’ it never hurts to be sure.
  • Don’t wear Great Auntie Barbara’s moth eaten veil purely because you feel you must; it’s lovely to wear something old and borrowed, but this is your day, wear which veil you feel most comfortable in and suits you most.
  • Choose your hairstyle before going veil shopping, it’s important that your veil can easily be fitted into your hairstyle and removed without ruining it.

At The Dress you can make a styling appointment to chat to us about all things veils and other amazing styling options for your special day. We want to help you create a memory in the making.

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