5 Wedding Secrets every bride should know about their fittings

So, you are nearly there and it’s likely your first fitting appointment will be the first time you have seen your chosen Dress in quite a while.

Shoes – Take your chosen shoes to the fitting as the seamstress will need to know your heel height. Whilst a pair of 5” heels might be your favoured option please remember you have to be in your shoes all day (well at least until the party starts) so consider which shoes are going to be comfortable whilst still looking great

Underwear – No need for Spanx as most dresses will be measured for you and you don’t want unsightly lines on your big day. However, if a must for you please ensure they are flesh coloured & brought with you to the fittings. Remember wedding underwear needs to be functional vs sexy!

A Dresser – sounds grand I know but we mean whoever will be helping you get dressed on the big day. Maybe a bridesmaid or a friend it is always great for them to see how your dress is buttoned/zipped/corseted so they know the “look” on the day.

Bras – Mostly not needed as many dresses are corseted but our seamstress can add cups and this can be discussed at your measurement appointment. We all have different bodies & we want you to be comfortable with the best option that works with your dress

Make Up – Please ensure that you have no fake tan and minimal make up as you don’t want to get your dress dirty before your big day

Your fittings should be stress free fun appointments where you can iron out any last-minute questions.

For The Dress, they are a key part of the whole process in ensuring the selection of your dress is a Memory in The Making

Why not share this with all the brides to be that you know – BIG brownie points for any bridesmaids / wedding guests.

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